News Lost in Noise

This page features my reports of news from science that has mostly been missed or ignored by major science news outlets.

Two of the biggest cosmic mysteries may have a single solution. Identifying the dark matter, which makes up most of the mass of the universe, could also explain why there is apparently much more matter than antimatter in the universe — if the dark matter is made of antimatter nuggets.

My summary here of new paper here.

When fighting antibiotic-resistant microbes, searching for new drugs may not be the best strategy. Managing the bugs' evolution works better, says a new study I discuss here.

The famous "Wow!" signal from 1977 may have been a real message from E.T., not a false alarm, a new study about how smart aliens would communicate suggests. I summarize it here. The paper is here.

Entropy is a messy concept, especially when you dig into its foundations. A new analysis finds that entropy can't be well-defined for non-equilibrium systems, which is most things. My summary here of new paper by Lieb and Yngvason, here.